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Typically, we rely on drugs for relief and wait for body’s healing abilities to repair the damage of pain or injury. Now, the Diowave™ laser lets us relieve pain without the troublesome side effects of medication, and help cells regenerate 25%-75% faster.

Repairs at the Cellular Level

The Diowave™ laser stimulates mitochondrial production of ATP, DNA and RNA and promotes stem cell activity. The result is pain relief, less swelling and inflammation, decreased scar tissue and better circulation.

Breaking Free From The Pain

Diowave™ Laser Therapy is well-suited for those who’ve had back surgery or can’t receive spinal decompression, and for pain relief and management in virtually any part of your body, including:

• Joint injury
• Connective tissue damage
• Skin conditions
• Pain management
• Neurological injury
• Inflammatory conditions
• Muscle injury
• Chronic and acute pain
• TMJ & jaw pain
• Eliminate toenail fungus

We see tremendous success in treating patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis or golf elbow, rotator cuff injury, arthritis, tendinitis, hip and ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, trigeminal neuralgia, peripheral neuropathy, sciatica and more.

Safe, Effective and Fast

You’ll feel a soothing warmth as our skilled therapist positions the noninvasive handpiece over the problem area. Diowave™ Therapy usually takes no more than ten safe, painless minutes per visit, and it may be used a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other Medical Dock services.

The Science Inside the Waves

Before the Diowave™ laser was developed, less efficient lasers were sometimes used with far less satisfying results. Our state-of-the-art 60-watt laser offers shorter sessions, faster pain relief, and a marked improvement in healing power.

A 10-minute treatment with a 10-watt laser imparts 6,000 joules of energy. But 10 minutes with our 60-watt laser puts an amazing 36,000 joules of energy to work on your pain. The waves also penetrate two to three times further for deeper healing and longer-lasting relief, and because the Diowave™ power is variable (0.5 to 60 W), we can fine-tune treatments to your unique condition, even using it as a “cold laser” when appropriate.

Be A Laser Therapy Success Story

Our patients often enjoy significant pain reduction with just a few treatments. Discover how our Diowave™ Laser can mean powerful waves of  healing for you! Schedule a consultation with us today.